How to play JAZZ on the mandolin

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 3 5 7 9 Arpeggios

One way of adding a more hip sound to your Jazz improvising is to use 3 5 7 9 arpeggios.  This sound was common in the Bebop era.  The 7 and 9 are strong "color" sounds and add flavor to your improvisations.

Lets study these in common chords.  Below are the 3 5 7 and 9 of common chords, plus these chords in C.


Chord Type Number Key of C Notes
Major 3 5 7 9 E G B D
Dominant 3 5 b7 9 E G Bb D
Minor Seventh b3 5 b7 9 Eb G Bb D
Half Diminished b3 b5 b7 9 Eb Gb Bb D
Diminished b3 b5 bb7(6) 9 Eb Gb A D
Minor/Major b3 5 7 9 Eb G B D


Hear how the notes sound for all these chords in this short video.



Comming very soon


Learn these 3 5 7 9 for all keys and try out these notes in your improvising.


Joe Pass


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