How to play JAZZ on the mandolin

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Playing Jazz can be very intimidating to players playing non traditional Jazz instruments. With limited examples of players of your instrument to listen to and learn from, figuring out how to play can be a tough task.  This page is an introduction to the language of how Jazz chording can be applied to the mandolin. It is intended to give the player an introduction to Jazz chord voicings from which they can further study the subject in depth. A knowledge of music theory, especially Jazz chord construction is a big help in learning this material.


Players interested in chord study can download my free PDF book Jazz Chording for Mandolin


Individual topics are listed below.  Click on each to take you to the page


5 Common Chord Types

Chord Spellings

Chords in a Major Key

IIm7 V7 I Maj7 Chords and Tune Up


Best of luck and have fun learning Jazz!


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