How to play JAZZ on the mandolin

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 Common Bebop Phrase 1

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Here is a very common phrase from the bebop era.  It is derived from the G dominant bebop scale, the notes G A B C D E F F# G.  If you don't know or understand what bebop scales are, you can download my PDF book "Bebop Scales for Mandolin and Violin" free HERE.

 Play this phrase.  It works against a G7 chord.

Bebop Phrase 1


This phrase can easily be expanded.  Here is a Dm7 G7 phrase ending the same way.

Bebop Phrase 1b


Here is another that ends an octave higher.  Notice there are two G F# F parts to this.  The first leads to an F Maj7 arpegio which leads into the second G F# F phrase.  This Major 7 arpegio a whole step below the dominant 7 is also very common.


Bebop Phrase 1c


Here we start on the offbeat, another common bebop idea, into a surround of D, the fifth of G7 and into a slight variation of our original lick.  More on surrounds HERE.

bebop phrase 1d


Practice these in all keys and see if you can start fitting them into your improvisation.  Soon you will be bopping all over!



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