How to play JAZZ on the mandolin

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 Jazz Mando Tips

(Jazz Mandolin Instruction Videos)

Barry Harris Method 9: For More Information

Barry Harris Method 8: Rhythm Changes B Part

Barry Harris Method 7: Pivoting

Barry Harris Method 6: Dominant 5 4 3 2

Barry Harris Method 5: Dominant Scale Half Step Rules

Barry Harris Method 4: Rhythm Changes

Barry Harris Method 3: Blues

Barry Harris Method 2: Major Scale Practice

Barry Harris Method 1: Dominant Scale Practice

Practice Strategies 4

Practice Strategies 3

Practice Strategies 2

Practice Strategies 1

Chord Melody 6: Look For The Silver Lining

Chord Melody 5: Diminished Drop 2 Voicings

Chord Melody 4: Minor Major Drop 2 Voicings

Chord Melody 3: Dominant Drop 2 voicings

Chord Melody 2: Major Drop 2 Voicings

Chord Melody 1: Drop 2 Voicings Intro

Parkerisms 4

Parkerisms 3

Parkerisms 2

Parkerisms 1

Thirds in Solos: Major and Minor

Improvising Using Thirds Against Dominant Seventh Chords

Bebop Lick 1

Bebop Lick 2

Bebop Lick 3

Bebop Lick 4

Western Swing Mandolin

Eldon Shamblin style chords

Stay All Night (Stay A Little Longer)

 Simple Swing Comping

Improvising Against Dominant 7 Chords
Using the Melodic Minor Scale

Begining Jazz Improvisation
Using the Tune Mack the Knife


Chord Spellings



Bebop Scales


The Number System in Music Theory

Using Jazz Phrasing and Timing

Improvising on Hard Changes

My Electric Mandolin Gear

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Instructional Material

Getting Started

Common Tunes


Play Alongs

Chord Melody


Jazz Music Theory


Band in a Box Files for Jazz tunes

Free Jazz Mandolin Instruction Books

Jazz sign


Performance Videos


Bird Miles jazz

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